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Black Womxn, Millennial, Creator from #Detroit. I get nerdy on all things personal branding and digital technology! Life Goal: To make a living from being me!

From the high-achieving employees and side hustlers to the entrepreneurs and small business owners, working for yourself has become surpassed scarcity and become quite the norm.

What is it?

The Mepreneur Club is a social learning community geared towards helping SMEs and solopreneurs to build a strong personal brand and package their genius to create passive income with a profitable influence.

Our mission: We aim to help more individuals attain wealth by growing their influence and monetizing their expertise.

My name is Desi M. Slaughter, and I founded this club to help other solopreneurs like me to succeed in their journey. I have always been aware of and intentionally cultivated my personal branding. Everything I did was part of my public image.

Although my journey has not come to…

This post was originally published August 2016.

Ditching traditional schooling…

This post was originally published in December of 2015.

One day in June, amidst an avid search for a new job, I received a phone call from a woman named Michelle C. about a position I’d previously applied for with MSU IT Services. Instantly, I was confused…I hadn’t remembered ever applying for the position. The only thing I knew was that I’d been looking for a better job, so it was a possibility that I had just forgotten about it. …

This is a satirical piece, inspired by the nature of articles written by The Onion. This piece is largely based on real life events, exaggerated to fit the style. This article is a promotional piece, highlighting the topic of my upcoming blog “College Without A Clue”, to be launching in September 2016! Sign up for the mailing list to stay updated on the launch event.

East Lansing, MI — Since starting college at Michigan State University in the Fall semester of 2008, freshman Desiree’ Slaughter has been rapidly cycling through roommates at a breakneck pace, sources reported to College Without…

Desi M. Slaughter

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